Why Campus Ministers?

Why Campus Ministers?


RUF is a ministry of students to students which takes place under the guidance of ordained campus ministers and their staff. As such, we acknowledge that God has uniquely gifted every Christian to contribute to the work of the church and that he has called pastors in particular to equip all of God's people for their specific callings. Thus, RUF campus ministers provide:

Spiritual Guidance

RUF sends ordained campus ministers to the campus to communicate the gospel and to pastor students through their college years in order to equip them for a lifetime of ministry within the local church and world. Seminary training enables campus ministers to effectively anticipate and address the questions and challenges students face in a university setting.

Connection To The Local Church

RUF seeks to instill within students a deep love for the church. To that end, RUF campus ministers maintain close relationships with local churches and often lead in worship, preach, and serve the sacraments. Campus ministers also direct students towards local churches so that they might experience a more robust community of faith during their college years. The rich diversity of the local church in terms of age, race, class, and vocation brings the even greater diversity of the worldwide church into sharp focus. Participation in RUF and a local church during the college years prepares students well for commitment and service to the church upon graduation.

Connection To The Greater Church

The ministry of RUF is upheld by a supportive network of churches. RUF campus ministers enjoy encouragement, oversight, and direction from other ordained ministers locally and regionally through a "presbytery". These churches also provide financial support, prayer, and personal care for students. This network of churches ensures that the ministry of RUF is not the labor of just one person but of many people working together to establish a campus ministry of students to students.