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Ligon Duncan

Reformed Theological Seminary 

Reformation21 -The online magazine of The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Monergism -Articles, MP3s & Resources on the Historic Christian Faith

The Gospel Coalition - A broadly reformed network of churches

Together for the Gospel -A biennial conference for pastors and church leaders

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

Ligonier Ministries - The Teaching Fellowship of R.C. Sproul

Reading Recommendations from RUF @ UGA

PCA Churches in the Jackson Area

First Presbyterian (Jackson)

Redeemer (Jackson)

Trinity (Jackson)

Pear Orchard Presbyterian (Ridgeland)

Highlands Presbyterian (Ridgeland)



What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care? - Ed Welch on the idol of other people's approval

Trusting God - by Jerry Bridges

Putting Amazing Back into Grace - Michael Horton (The old edition can be found here.)

The Enduring Community - Brian Habig & Les Newsom on loving the church

The Heart of Evangelism - Jerram Barrs

The Discipline of Grace - Jerry Bridges

Spiritual Depression - Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Getting the Message - Dan Doriani on studying the Bible

Hurt 2.0 - Chap Clark on the world of today's teenagers 

Redemption Accomplished and Applied - John Murray

The Reason for God - Tim Keller 

The Enemy Within - Kris Lundgaard

Designed for Dignity - Richard Pratt

God's Way of Peace - Horatius Bonar

Every Thought Captive - Richard Pratt

The Wounded Heart - Dan Allender on hope for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse

Eve’s Revenge (Women) - Lillian Callas Barger

Not Even a Hint (Men) - Joshua Harris

Engaging God’s World - Cornelius Plantinga

A Return to Modesty (Women) - Wendy Shalit

The Silence of Adam (Men) - Crabb, Hudson, Andrews

Financial Peace - Dave Ramsey

Real Sex - Laura Winner

When People are Big and God is Small - Edward Welch on the idol of other people's approval

Perfecting Ourselves to Death - Richard Winter on perfectionism

Podcasts and Church Sermons

First Pres 

Redeemer Church 


Pear Orchard


Brian Habig - Senior Pastor of Downtown Pres in Greenville, SC


Embracing Awkward - well-worded thoughts on life and the gospel by RUF campus minister, Sammy Rhodes.